Pump Accessories

Important Upgrades

Now you have selected your standard pump, don’t forget we also supply vital additional equipment to cover all your pumping requirements.

Flotronic has a great deal of experience in providing total pumping solutions world-wide. Whether you require air filter regulators, rupture protection systems, alarms, integral pulsation dampers – even pump trolleys, we manufacture and supply a wide range of crucial additional elements, which meet or exceed all relevant performance and safety regulations globally.

Customised Products

If our products don’t exactly meet your requirements we can modify them for you.

We have an excellent facility for customising products whether it be simply a different connection, material, painting specification, or more complicated locking arrangements, pipework, valves etc. The pump shown was designed and manufactured for an international pharmaceutical company. It has an integral pulsation damper and diaphragm rupture protection and alarm system (including the damper), filter regulator with gauge, adjustable anti-vibration mounting feet, and no aluminium content, whilst being totally pneumatic (no electrics), self-contained and portable.

For a pump built to your specification, just ask, we can usually help you.

Upgrade A
Sentinel alarm system
Upgrade A - Sentinel alarm system

Incorporating the Guardian interchamber (upgrade B), our alarm systems are entirely pneumatic (no electrics whatsoever).

A choice of alarm or pump shutdown system is available alerting diaphragm failure. Standard alarm is a pneumatic horn and visual indicator.

Upgrade * or B
Low-cost rupture protection system
Upgrade * or B - Rupture protection system

The Guardian rupture protection system can be fitted to all Flotronic Pumps. With this system a secondary chamber is created by an additional diaphragm behind each of the primary pump diaphragms to capture liquid upon primary diaphragm rupture. This chamber can be in low-cost Polypropylene (upgrade *) or a material to match the pump wetted body (upgrade B).

Upgrade C
Pump counter system
Upgrade C - pump counter system

All pumps can easily be modified to count and stop within an accuracy of +/-2%.

This pneumatic counter simply attaches to the pump air system in a stainless steel enclosure.

Upgrade F
Air filter regulator
upgrade F - Air filter regulator

Accurately control pump air pressure to achieve optimum performance by simply bolting on a filter regulator.

Upgrade G
Good food pump
Upgrade G - Good food pump

Applies to pumps with 14" diaphragms.

Designed for either ‘quick strip’ or ‘cleaning in place’ (CIP) and available in either 304 or 316 stainless steels, in a matt or electro-polished finish with a choice of hygienic connections. Designed for ‘tool-free’ maintenance where a strip down and rebuild in ten minutes can be achieved by integral ‘T’ bars and no other tooling. Used for low-shear pumping of viscous and particulate food products. Capable of handling solids up to 25mm (i.e. fruit, vegetable pieces), soups and sauces.

Upgrade J
Integral hot water jacket
Upgrade J - integral hot water jacket

Flotronic Pumps and dampers can be steam/hot or cold watered jacketed without fuss.

Upgrade O
Upgrade O - ATEX certification

Don’t forget to tell us if you need ATEX certification, and to what level.

FPL 'One Nut' range can be manufactured in anti-static PTFE and polypropylene, stainless steel, PVC and PVDF, with anti-static diaphragms, balls and seals. All pumps have entirely stainless steel, non-wetted surface casings with the addition of earthing straps and lugs and has been Independently ATEX certified.

ATEX certified FPL 'One Nut' pumps carry the proof of this compliance. Each pump is marked legibly and indelibly with FPL's name and address, the CE mark and number of the notified Body, series or type designation of the pump, specific Ex logo, year of manufacture and serial number.

Upgrade P
Pulsation dampers
Upgrade P - Pulsation dampers

Dampers can be supplied integrally mounted on an FPL pump, as on the water-jacketed pump above, or individually to remove up to 95% of a given pulse on normal air supply pressure with no charging necessary.

Dampers are provided in stainless steel, virgin or anti-static PTFE, PVDF, Polypropylene, aluminium or exotic materials with virgin or anti-static PTFE diaphragms as standard.

Upgrade W
Pump trolley
Upgrade W - Pump trolley

Two or four wheel trolleys are available for easy pump transportation.

A wide range of customised trolleys is available.


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