Pulsation Dampers

Flotronic Pulsation DampersPulsation Dampers reduce stress and optimise flow Use of Air Operated Diaphragm pumps or other styles of pumps, which produce a pulsed flow, can create vibration in the delivery pipe work. FPL's damper fitted in any conforming position in a pipe work system will eliminate up to 95% of pulsation, thus reducing vibration and all associated problems.

Benefits of removing pulsation

  • Reduces vibration and shake from pipe work
  • Reduces stress on pipe work joints and support brackets
  • Reduces the number of support brackets required
  • Allows more accurate readings when pumping through mass flow meters & other instruments
  • Increases safety by reducing pressure surges
Unique design eliminates the need for recharging

FPL units differ from other pulsation damper designs in that they utilise a constant air supply to maintain a 'live loaded' diaphragm. By using standard factory air that is regulated to an optimum pressure - relative to damper position - all the problems associated with recharging are eliminated.

Diaphragm rupture protection

FPL have a proven Diaphragm Protection system that can be incoporated into the design. This system utilises a secondary diaphragm to protect against leakage in the event of a primary diaphragm failure, thus improving the integrity for hazardous chemical applications. The inclusion of a secondary diaphragm allows the damper unit to be fitted with an alarm or other leak detection device.


  • Aluminium PVC Polypropylene PVDF
  • PTFE
  • 304 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel Hastelloy┬« (and other exotic metals)
  • Anti-Static grade plastics

Sizes and pipework connections

Available in all sizes 1/2" - 3" with any screwed or flange connection, including BSP, NPT, ANSI, DIN, RJT, IDF and more!

Virgin PTFE and other materials

FPL developed the one-piece, bonded, virgin PTFE diaphragm over a 15-year period and it has been well proven in our range of pumps. This long life diaphragm is utilised in the range to ensure total reliability with a wide range of pumped media whlist operating on a " short stroke " basis. Diaphragms are available in a range of other materials including: Nitrile, Viton┬«, EPDM, food grade Elastomers


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