Pump Data Sheet

500 Style
500 Style

Solid blocks of plastic supported by metal air domes, top and bottom plates and through studs offer safety without compromising fast maintenance.
Normally used for solvents/chemicals and dyes and often as a less expensive option for stainless steel.
Only ‘one nut’ to access diaphragms with pump ‘in-line’
Only four nuts to access balls and seats
Only four bolts to maintain air valve with pump ‘in-line’

Max operating temp 80ºC (176ºF) for Polyproylene, PVC, PVDF pumps
Max operating temp 121ºC (250ºF) for Aluminium pumps fitted with high temp diaphragms (specify H as 6th digit in pump code)

Performance Curve


The company policy of continued product improvement through research and development means that the information contained in this web site may change. Please ask for confirmation of technical data when ordering.

At the time of going to press all information relating to pump performance is considered to be accurate resulting from extensive testing and is given in good faith. The 3 pumps were not subject to air consumption testing and the information shown is calculated. If air consumption is critical please consult Flotronic Pumps before ordering.

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