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Following a visit from the Flotronic Pumps Sales Engineer, Trench UK Ltd decided that the FPL 'One Nut' fast maintenance pump was the right solution for their experimental resin.

500 Series Polypropylene Pumps

Part of the Trench Group, world leaders in Power Engineering, with over 1300 employees world-wide, Trench products include air core reactors, instrument transformers, bushings, relay communications and protection & control equipment. Serving customers in the utility and industrial markets around the globe, Trench offer specialised custom designed electrical products.


At their Hebburn, Tyne & Wear factory where they have been manufacturing bushings since 1929, they needed to transfer an experimental resin to establish it's viability for use in their system. The resin is pumped using a ½" 500 series polypropylene pump with virgin PTFE elastomers.

Its viscosity is similar to SA60 motor oil at around 1000 mPas at ambient temperature. The epoxy resin is pumped from an IBC at a rate of 100 kg/hour and a head of 2 meters into a mixing vessel were it is mixed with a hardener before being autoclaved under vacuum. The resultant media is used to impregnate wound paper cores for electrical bushings used ultimately in power generation transformers.

The Flotronic Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump replaced a centrifugal pump, which had to be by-passed to keep the system clean. Commenting, Giles Johnston - Manufacturing Engineer, "We liked he simplicity of use during the experimental period of six months and we have had no problems whatsoever. We are now looking for other applications to use the pump on since it has been so reliable!"


  • Viscosity 1000 mPas
  • Flow rate 100kg/hr
  • Discharge head 2m
  • Flooded suction


  • 500 Series Polypropylene
  • ½" BSP Connections
  • PTFE elastomers


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