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After replacing their older style 'figure of eight' double diaphragm pumps which regularly failed, with Flotronic 'One-Nut' pumps, Rhodia have almost forgotten they are there! The Flotronic pumps have been so reliable on the hot wax products that they have needed minimal attention since first being installed in 1998.

710 Series 316 Stainless Steel Pump

Rhodia HPCII UK Limited, Leeds is a division of Rhodia, one of the world’s leading speciality chemical companies. They focus on products that help to improve every day life for consumers operating in automotive, health care, fragrance, apparel, electronics, personal care and environmental protection markets.

Rhodia HPCII (Home, Personal Care & Industrial Ingredients) are in the Polymer System Specialities business, combining speciality, surfactant and monomer and anti-foam agent technologies to improve the performance, quality and process efficiency for polymer and resin manufacturers.

The two 710 series stainless steel air operated double diaphragm pumps from FPL are utilised in their Anionics Plant for the transfer of ethyl epoxalate and non-ethyl epoxalate waxes from 200 kg drums into their reactors.

They have a suction lift of 1 metre and the thick waxes are kept at between 60-80°C, otherwise they will set and are pumped to a head of 5 metres to the reactors. Each pump has an integral steam jacket to ensure the wax stays hot and because of the 'inside out' design the Flotronic pumps are ideally suited.

"Compared to the previous pumps," comments Martin Croman – Engineering Manager, "we hardly know the pumps are there! We were regularly having breakdowns with the old pumps, but the Flotronic pumps have been no trouble at all. And if for any reason the wax does set-off in the pumps, then they are so easy to strip."

All Flotronic pumps are of the unique 'One-Nut' fast maintenance design where a diaphragm change can be made in less than 10 minutes by the removal of just one nut. Several other FPL pumps are in use around the site at Leeds handling potassium hydroxide, EDTA and various chemicals. As their older pumps fail they replace them with the latest technology 'One-Nut' pumps from Flotronic.


  • Ethyl Epoxalate Waxes
  • Temperature 60-80° C
  • Suction lift up to 1 M
  • Discharge up to 5 M head


  • 1½" 710 Series 316 Stainless Steel
  • BSP Connections
  • PTFE elastomers
  • Integral Steam Jackets


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