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Following a successful trial, Pork Farms Bowyers purchased two Good Food Pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd and have saved a significant amount of time and money in reduced cleaning times and lower spares usage.

good Food Pump

Pork Farms Bowyers are part of Northern Foods plc and are the UK’s leading manufacturer of pies and sausages, with factories in Nottingham and Trowbridge. The two 2½"Good Food pumps at their Nottingham site handle a range of fillings such as chicken tikka, cheese & ham, mince steak & onion, smokey bacon and cheese & onion pastie.

Traditionally these products were pumped using twin screw vacuumed assisted pumps which took a long time to clean and suffered excessive wear problems. Additionally Pork Farms found that they wasted less product switching over to the FPL air operated double diaphragm pumps, since less product is left in the pump following pumping.

The pumps transfer the fillings from a hopper, which gives the pumps a flooded suction into a header tank over the filling lines. The temperature is around 8-12ºC.

The pumps are stripped for cleaning which includes a hot water wash (70ºC), followed by a rinse and then a 20 minutes soak in a detergent/sanitizer solution, before re-assembly.

John Illingworth – Project Engineering Manager "Using the Flotronic Good Food pumps has saved us a significant amount of time between product change over since they are much quicker to strip, clean and rebuild. An unexpected bonus is a reduction in the amount of product left in the system, since the Flotronic pumps are better at evacuating any remaining product from the pipework."


  • Fillings including, chicken tikka, cheese & ham, smokey bacon etc
  • Temp. 8-12ºC
  • Flooded suction


  • 2½"Good Food 304 stainless steel electropolished
  • PTFE elastomers
  • RJT Connections
  • Stainless Steel ball valves



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