Britvic Concentrates On 'One-Nut' Pumps From FPL

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Leading Soft Drinks Manufacturer Britvic Soft Drinks needed to speed up their concentrates pumping so turned to Flotronic Pumps and following a successful trial purchased a number of their 'One- Nut' fast maintenance Hi Flo Series Double Diaphragm Pumps.

710 Series Pump

Britvic is the UK’s second largest soft drinks manufacturer producing 1.1 billion litres of soft drinks each year. At their Widford plant the FPL pumps handle a wide range of concentrates and syrups such as orange, tomato, apple, grapefruit, pineapple and liquid sugars. Pumping from IBC’s or drums with either a flooded suction or 2 metre lift, transferring via a flowplate to the mixing vessels up to 27 metre distance with a 6 metre head.

In the Mineral Water Syrup Room a 2" Hi Flo 710 316 Stainless Steel pump fitted with a pulsation damper transfers various concentrates and syrups with viscosity’s up to 5,000 centipoise at a temperature of minus 2 to plus 10 C at the rate of 50 l/min.

The pump and system is cleaned daily with hot water at 60C and then a cold flush. Periodically they are completely stripped for a thorough clean and inspection.

Previously they were using both progressive cavity and stick pumps, but took much longer to transfer and were difficult to maintain.

Another 2" Hi Flo 710 316 Stainless Steel pump is used in their Concentrate Transfer Room for unloading various concentrates, primarily from drums, and with viscosity’s well above 7,000 and often just above freezing! Additional pumps are used in their Flavour Production Area.

Dave Green – Line Engineer comments "We have found the Flotronic pumps both reliable and simple to maintain. They have helped speed up the transfer of concentrates significantly and we have found the technical backup and service excellent".


  • Concentrates & syrups
  • Flooded Suction/2 m Lift
  • Discharge over 27 metres
  • Temperature –2 to +10 C
  • Viscosity to 7,000 cp


  • 2" HiFlo 710 Series in 316 Stainless Steel
  • PTFE diaphragms and SS ball valves
  • RJT connections



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