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A leading supplier of speciality chemicals, Epichem Ltd, Bromborough, Merseyside turned to Flotronic when they had to transfer a 'dense' chemical with a SG of over 2.0 as the existing AOD pumps could not cope.

710 Stainless Steel Pump

The Flotronic 710 series ½" stainless steel air operated double diaphragm pump is used in their multi-purpose plant to transfer the chemical from a drum into a holding tank, where it is then metered to the reactor. The same pump is used to transfer a very viscous squalane oil with the resultant chemical being used in the production of colorant for use in LEDs, enabling other colours to be developed i.e. blue. This chemical is also used in the production of DVD players (Digital Versatile Discs).


Asked why FPL was chosen, Lydia Hall – Project Engineer said "I had used Flotronic pumps successfully at my previous company, so when we knew we needed an AOD pump due to the hazardous nature of the application, I immediately thought of them". Adding "I like the simplicity of the 'One Nut' maintenance concept and the excellent service we received".

By removing one nut, the pump is easily dismantled and diaphragms can be changed in less than ten minutes, therefore reducing downtime and saving money. They now have two additional ½" 500 series polypropylene pumps, one complete with pulsation damper used on a spray water system where a pulsing flow would have caused problems. With the damper fitted 95% of the pulses are removed.


  • 710 Series stainless steel & 500 Series polyprop pumps Flowrates from 30 - 65 gpm
  • Size ½"
  • PTFE elastomers


  • Products include dense chemicals, viscous squalane oil and water.
  • Flowrate 14 gpm
  • Temperature ambient



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