Croda Colloids Ensures Safe Handling Of Chemicals With One-Nut Pump

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Croda Colloids Ltd, a manufacturer of speciality chemicals has reduced its pump maintenance time from half a day to less than half an hour, using a one-nut, polypropylene pump from Flotronic.

The 500 series was chosen to replace an existing pump, from another supplier, which proved cumbersome to maintain in the event of a breakdown. Croda Colloids is now able to change a failed diaphragm in less than twenty minutes, simply by removing a single nut - therefore achieving major savings through reduced downtime.

Croda Colloids has a long established reputation for the supply of high quality gelatines and speciality proteins. Colloids speciality proteins are incorporated into many global brand name products, particularly fabric conditioners, cosmetics and toiletries. To manufacture its range of speciality proteins, the company needed a 1.5 inch pump that could handle aggressive chemicals. As the company's processes typically involve the pumping of hydrochloric acid, caustic soda in tandem with liquid flavourings - safety was a major consideration.

   710 Style Pump  500 Series Pump

"The safe, double diaphragm design was a major attraction of the one-nut pump," explains Croda's Mike Hambley. "In the event of a diaphragm rupture, a single diaphragm design can pump out aggressive liquids, via the exhaust system. The design of the 500 series prevents this risk of contamination, by containing the liquid inside the pump."

This is due to the Flotronic Guardian diaphragm rupture protection barrier – which, in the event of a diaphragm rupture, contains the media within an intermediate chamber. For added safety, a Sentinel alarm system has been specified to quickly alert operators in the event of diaphragm failure. Croda Colloids required a silent, visual indication, so that health and safety issues (relating to loud audible alarms) were not an added consideration. 


  • Aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid (36%) & caustic soda (32%)
  • Flowrate up to 60 gpm
  • Temperature up to 80C
  • Pressures up to 7 bar



  • 500 Series Polypropylene
  • Model 5A3PPTTPEBSP
  • PTFE elastomers




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