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Chemical Industry


Food Processing




Personal Care






Down On The Farm with Flotronic Pumps
When leading Animal Feed Supplement Company Denis Brinicombe needed to pump neat cane molasses with viscosity of 10,000 centipoise, Flotronic came to the rescue!

Cane Molasses 500

Green Fingered Flotronic Helps In The Garden
Flotronic Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps have been working, without servicing for over three years at The Scotts Company Limited on their weed killer station.

Chemicals 500


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Reflect On Flotronic Pumps
When Schefenacker Vision Systems UK Ltd, a major producer of car door mirrors, were looking to improve their Paint Kitchen they trialled a "One Nut" Double Diaphragm pump from Flotronic Pumps.

Paint 710

Chemical Industry

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Flotronic Pumps Finishes The Job For MacDermid Canning
MacDermid Canning produce a range of specialty products destined for a variety of applications including: surface finishing processes for the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) manufacturing and construction industries.

Potassium Hydroxide

Croda Colloids Ensures Safe Handling Of Chemicals With One-Nut Pump
Croda Colloids Ltd, a manufacturer of speciality chemicals has reduced its pump maintenance time from half a day to less than half an hour, using a one-nut, polypropylene pump from Flotronic.

Hyd. Acid
Caustic Soda

Croda International Will Stick to Flotronic Pumps
Croda has streamlined its blending operations – and reduced downtime - using six 710 series Hiflo pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd.


All Smiles for Flotronic Pumps at Epichem
A leading supplier of speciality chemicals, Epichem Ltd, Bromborough, Merseyside turned to Flotronic when they had to transfer a 'dense' chemical with a SG of over 2.0 as the existing AOD pumps could not cope.


Seeing Double with Flotronic!
When Raflatac needed to increase their flow of adhesive they turned to their supplier of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, Flotronic who were able to offer their Duplex System.

Water Based Adhesives 500 Duplex

Flotronic Pumps Help Protect The Environment
When Sutton & Son(St Helens) Ltd were looking for a mobile pump to fit on their Emergency Response Units, following a successful trial, they settled on the Chemflo all PTFE Double Diaphragm pump from Flotronic Pumps Limited.

Various Chemicals K Chemflo

'One-Nut' Pumps Prove Reliable For Specialist Coatings Manufacturer
Four years and no maintenance required! Yes that’s what Russell-Webb Ltd have found since installing the Flotronic 500 Series ‘One-Nut’ pump.

Paper Coatings 500

Faster, Safer & Greater Flexibility with 'One-Nut' Pump from Flotronic
Akzo Nobel UV Resins needed to improve their tanker unloading of Acrylic Acid so having used Flotronic Pumps for many years throughout their site asked if they could help. The solution was a HiFlo 710 Series pump, complete with Rupture Protection and Pulsation Damper. As a result, they saved at least one hour unloading, reduced blockages and achieved a greater flexibility of supply.

Acylic Acid 710

Flotronic Has A Nose For Success
Quest is one of the worlds leading fragrances, flavours and food ingredients companies. At their Ashford site, Flotronic air operated double diaphragm pumps have become their site standard, replacing the older style 'figure of eight' pumps, significantly reducing their maintenance times.

Chemicals 710

Flotronic Has Hot Wax Treatment
After replacing their older style 'figure of eight' double diaphragm pumps which regularly failed, with Flotronic 'One-Nut' pumps, Rhodia have almost forgotten they are there! The Flotronic pumps have been so reliable on the hot wax products that they have needed minimal attention since first being installed in 1998.

Ethyl Epoxalate Waxes 710

Flotronic Helps Fisher Research Clean-Up
For nearly twelve years Flotronic 'One Nut' fast maintenance pumps have been working at the heart of the process at Fisher Research, manufacturers of industrial cleaning and maintenance chemicals.

Cleaning Chemicals 300/500


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Flotronic - The Power To Deliver
Following a visit from the Flotronic Pumps Sales Engineer, Trench UK Ltd decided that the FPL 'One Nut' fast maintenance pump was the right solution for their experimental resin.


Food Processing

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Flotronic Pumps Relishes A Challenge
A supplier to one of the world's most popular fast food chains, Mc Cormick Europe, has been able to speed up its filling process using a fast maintenance, quick strip pump from Flotronic Pumps.


Flotronic Pumps – A Crucial Ingredient for Dairy Crest Creamery
At the Crudgington Creamery, the home of Dairy Crest 'Clover' several Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps from FPL play their part in the crucial cleaning regimes which ensures the hygienic integrity of the plant.

Caustic/Nitric Acid 710

Flotronic Pumps – Flavour of the Month
Pointing Limited, part of Universal Foods of Milwaukee, USA, relies upon air operated double diaphragm pumps from FPL in the production of speciality flavours, used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Botanical Extracts 710

Flotronic Pumps Get Fruity!
As their business grows, SIAS Foods (UK) Ltd realised that they needed to improve their handling of fruit pulps, when they saw an advert for the Good Food Pump from Flotronic.

Fruit Pulp/Slurries Good Food

Flotronic Pumps with Mayonnaise
Privately owned Kanes Foods of Evesham were having problems pumping their mayonnaise and after trying both Progressing Cavity and Air Operated Stick pumps they turned to Flotronic who solved their problem by supplying one of their Good Food Pumps.

Mayonnaise Good Food

Flotronic Helps With The Fermentation
For over four years now The Camerons Brewery Company have been using two Air Operated Diaphragm pumps from Flotronic Pumps Limited to transfer yeast at different stages of their brewing process.

Yeast 710

Flotronic Pumps Get Saucie!
Following a successful trial over two years ago, Flotronic supplied two 2" Lo Flo 710 Series pumps in 316 Stainless Steel from their unique 'One Nut' fast maintenance range Sun Valley Foods, based in Bilbrook, Staffordshire.

Sauces 710

'One-Nut' Pumps In The Sun
Sunjuice Ltd, part of the Jamaica Producers Group, is the European market leader in freshly squeezed Juices, Crushes and Smoothies. Essential to their success has been the importance of supplying the freshest and finest fruit juice on the market.


Britvic Concentrates On 'One-Nut' Pumps From FPL
Leading Soft Drinks Manufacturer Britvic Soft Drinks needed to speed up their concentrates pumping so turned to Flotronic Pumps and following a successful trial purchased a number of their 'One- Nut' fast maintenance Hi Flo Series Double Diaphragm Pumps.

Conentrates & Syrups 710 HiFlo

'One-Nut' Pumps Prove Essential for Lionel Hitchin
As a result of seeing an advert for the 'One-Nut' pump from Flotronic Pumps Ltd, Lionel Hitchin (Essential Oils) Ltd were impressed with the simplicity of the design and purchased two of their New Award Winning Slimline Super Model pumps to handle Terpenes.

Flavourings Slim

Start The Day with a Reliable 'One-Nut' Pump From FPL
Dailycer Limited has recently expanded their production of cereal bars by investing in a new production facility at a cost of between Euro 5 and 6 million at their Deeside factory. As a result of previous reliable service, they have now installed a further five Slimline Ultraclean pumps as part of the new plant.

Flavourings Slim

Gerber Foods Soft Drinks Ltd – Winner of Award Winning Pump from Flotronic Pumps
Gerber is the largest supplier of both private label and branded juice and juice drinks in the UK. Their current pumps are the older style design, with large numbers of nuts, bolts and clamps, taking anything up to 3 hours to overhaul, so they were looking for a pump that was easier to use and strip. The Flotronic 'One-Nut' pumps can be completely stripped and rebuilt in less than 20 minutes, thus saving time and money!

Orange Concentrate Slim LoFlo

We Don't Tell Porky Pies, Flotronic Pumps Saves You Money!
Following a successful trial, Pork Farms Bowyers purchased two Good Food Pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd and have saved a significant amount of time and money in reduced cleaning times and lower spares usage.

Pie Fillings Good Food

Get In The Spirit with Flotronic Pumps
It is well known that air operated pumps are often specified in the chemical industry where explosive/flammable environments exist, but less commonly known in alcoholic drinks production. But not so at the Chivas Brothers, Dalmuir site where they have installed several 'One-Nut' Air Operated pumps from Flotronic on spirit transfer because of the flammable nature of the product.

Spirit, Water & Oil 500

Flotronic Pulsation Damper Eliminates Pipework Damage
A Leading Soft Drinks Manufacturer had a serious problem with pipework pulsation from a rotary lobe pump, resulting in pipes being ripped from their supports and a fracture to an in-line filter. This has now been eliminated after fitting a pulsation damper from Flotronic Pumps.

Orange Concentrate Damper

Flotronic Tops It Off!
When Hazlewood Pizza were planning their new pizza factory at Deeside, they turned to Flotronic Pumps to handle their range of tomato toppings and as a result have now installed five Slimline Ultraclean pumps as part of the new plant.



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Keep Cool with 'One-Nut' Pumps from Flotronic
Perkins Engines Company Limited, a world leader in diesel engines, chose Flotronic air operated double diaphragm pumps for their coolant return system following successful applications in their experimental facility.



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Flotronic Pumps, a key component for MMG-Neosid
A leading manufacturer of soft ferrite and permanent magnet components since 1936, relies upon Double Diaphragm pumps from FPL to transfer a range of slurries.



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Flotronic Pumps at The Chemist
For over five years 'One Nut' Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps from FPL have been working reliably in the Medicated Confectionery plant at Boots, Nottingham, requiring minimal servicing!

Sugar, Glucose & Glycerin 710

Huge Savings with Flotronic Fast Strip Pumps
Fleet Laboratories has reduced their pump cleaning time by over 70% since installing the New Slimline Ultraclean pumps from Flotronic Pumps Ltd.

Lotions, Creams & Gels Slim

Personal Care

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Get The All Over Treatment From Flotronic
When Revage Cosmetics, a contract manufacturer in Horley were faced with pumping a Dead Sea Mud they first tried progressing cavity, peristaltic and piston pumps without success.

Dead Sea Mud

Flotronic Pumps Provides The Right Taste
When Colgate-Palmolive needed to expand and upgrade their Toothpaste Flavour Dosing System they turned to Flotronic Pumps.

Flavours 710

Flotronic Pumps – Fast Strip!
When Klockner Pentapack switched from drums to Pallecons they reviewed their pumping needs.

Creams, Lotions & Gels 710

Luxuriate With A Flotronic Pump!
Bronnley are renowned throughout the world for their luxury bathing products, but at an affordable price. Some years ago they switched from electrically driven pumps to the unique 'One-Nut' fast maintenance double diaphragm pumps from FPL and saved both time and money on maintenance.

Lotions, Gels & Shampoos 710


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Fit And Forget - That’s A Flotronic Pump!
That’s exactly what Celloglas, Leicester have done since installing four 'One Nut' fast maintenance double diaphragm pumps from Flotronic. Operating a 24/7 business reliability is crucial and the FPL pumps have certainly passed the test.

UV Varnish & PVA Adhesive


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Sleep Easy With Flotronic Pumps
Fogarty, the master quilt and pillow makers based in Boston, Lincolnshire relies upon several Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps from FPL in their production processes.


'One-Nut' Pumps Significantly Reduces Maintenance Times at Zotefoams
Based in Croydon, Surrey, Zotefoams have been developing foam products since 1936. Switching from traditional designed diaphragm pumps to the 'One-Nut' fast maintenance pumps from Flotronic Pumps has saved them literally hours in maintenance times!

Liquid Talc Slim

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