Technical Information

The ONE-NUT Concept

The inside out concept allows fluid to pass between the diaphragms, directly through the centre of the pump. Air pressure operates on the outside. The benefits are:

Longer lasting diaphragms
A significantly reduced stroke length allows use of thicker / stronger PTFE diaphragms as standard. Nitrile, Viton® and EPDM are also available.

Faster maintenance
Fifteen minutes to change diaphragms by the removal of just one nut and without disconnecting the pump from the pipework.

Lower cost spares
Less than half the quantity of spare parts than any equivalent pump and interchangeability of most air system parts between different series of pumps.

No lubrication
A unique, patented air system incorporating a bolt on spool valve, including manual override buttons, eliminates costly internal air mechanisms and mid position stall normally associated with Double Diaphragm Pumps.

Greater inherent safety
Plastic parts are kept within metal containment and potential leak paths are reduced to a minimum. Even under ATEX conditions pumps can be maintained ‘in the zone’ up to Zone I using anti-static PTFE-faced diaphragms.

We also offer a choice of both
wetted and non-wetted materials

Wetted parts
Aluminium, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, 316 stainless steel,
exotic metals and solid virgin or anti-static PTFE with PTFE,
Viton®, EPDM or Nitrile rubber diaphragms, balls and seals.

Non-wetted parts
Version E = Painted carbon steel
Version S = Stainless steel.


Flotronic Pumps don't need:

Clamp bands
We utilise self-aligning bead seals integral with the diaphragms.

Complicated air mechanisms
We simply bolt on a spool valve.

We use self-lubricating PTFE parts.


Why not try a one-nut concept Double Diaphragm Pump?

If you’ve got air on site consider this:

  • Self-priming – will lift up to 3.6m dry
  • Very high viscosity capability
  • Can run dry
  • Low shear
  • No lubrication
  • Any material you want
  • PTFE diaphragms as standard
  • Ultra clean
  • Variable speed or pressure
  • Fifteen minute maintenance 'in line'
  • Customised pumps a speciality
  • Can stop/re-start against a closed/open valve without pressure relief or damage. (No by-pass required)

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