Fast maintenance air-operated Double Diaphragm Pumps for both process and simple transfer applications.

Flotronic is a world leading manufacturer of air-operated Double Diaphragm Pumps and inventor of the revolutionary ONE-NUTTM design - a concept which is transforming the way pumps are being used throughout industry today.

The One-Nut Double Diaphragm Pump, unique to Flotronic, takes pump performance far beyond traditional style Double Diaphragm pumps. This fast maintenance concept literally turns the conventional pump inside out! Fluid passes between the diaphragms directly through the centre of the pump with air pressure operating on the outside. The pump is held together by one nut on the opposite side of the pump to the external air valve.

This design allows in-line diaphragm replacement to be accomplished in less than 15 minutes, with a complete stripdown and rebuild possible in less than 20 minutes. Using One-Nut pumps, engineers can significantly reduce process downtime and provide vast savings in maintenance costs, without compromising on pump performance.

Diaphragm lifetime is now so good, these pumps are often used instead of centrifugal or other process pumps.

Flotronic Spares

Keep your pumps working at maximum possible efficiency and reliability by using authentic Flotronic replacement parts.

Flotronic are the only source of authentic manufactured spare parts to fit the Flotronic pump. These are available only from Flotronic or our recognised Distributor/Agent network.

Flotronic pump spares are manufactured to exacting tolerances and use the high quality materials required to ensure long trouble-free pump operation.

If you have your pump serial number ready we have prepared a complete spare parts inventory for your pump to make ordering quick and easy.

CLICK HERE to order Authentic Flotronic Spares

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One Nut is a Trade Mark used by Flotronic Pumps Ltd


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