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Keep Cool with 'One-Nut' Pumps from Flotronic

Perkins Engines Company Limited, a world leader in diesel engines, chose Flotronic air operated double diaphragm pumps for their coolant return system following successful applications in their experimental facility.

300 Series aluminium pump

Formed in the early 1930s, Perkins Engines has led the field in the development and manufacture of high performance diesel and natural gas engines. Perkins engines can be found powering equipment in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural and general industrial markets.

At their Shrewsbury plant, diesel engines are manufactured for power generation, many destined for military applications. In the Test Area for In-line Engines, a number of Flotronic 300 Series Aluminium pumps are used to return the engine coolant from the tested engines back to the storage tank.

The coolant, water with rust inhibitors, is pumped at 85°C through a 1" pipe to the storage tank some 7 metres vertical. Each engine takes about 1 minute to empty and the coolant is passed through an inline filter on the suction side of the pump.

Previously Perkins were using the older style 'figure of eight' diaphragm pumps, but when one of these failed, replaced it with the Flotronic pump from their experimental application and like it so much bought more!

Now all of their test bays are equipped with Flotronic 'One-Nut' fast maintenance pumps. The pumps have been very reliable with no repairs needed for over two years!


  • Engine coolant
  • Temperature 85°C
  • 7 meter head


  • 300 Series aluminium
  • PTFE elastomers
  • 1" BSP connections


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