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'One-Nut' Pumps Prove Reliable For Specialist Coatings Manufacturer

Four years and no maintenance required! Yes that’s what Russell-Webb Ltd have found since installing the Flotronic 500 Series ‘One-Nut’ pump.

500 Series Polypropylene Pump

A specialist manufacturer of coatings to the printing industry, Russell-Webb regularly use the FPL pump to transfer finished product.

Based in Hertford, Russell-Webb has been manufacturing a range of CLEARCOAT water based emulsion coatings for many years. These offer a number of benefits to the printer, namely improved finish, faster drying, heat resistance, water/grease resistance, prevents print run and much more.

A range of Anti-Set-Off powders are also manufactured, which reduce press problems and improves working conditions.

The 1" 500 series polypropylene air operated double diaphragm pump is used in their Water Based Coatings Area and transfers the finished product from the storage vessel to either 25, 125 or 200kg drums or a 1000kg IBC.

A wide range of coatings are handled, which includes styrene acrylic emulsions and resin mixes, with viscosities up to 500 centipoise.

The pump has a suction lift of 1 metre and transfers at a rate of 35 kg/min.

Tony Page – Factory Manager said "I have been here for four years and never had to touch the pump, it has been so reliable".


  • Water based emulsions
  • 1 meter suction lift
  • Flow 35kg/min
  • Viscosity 500 cp


  • 500 Series Polypropylene
  • 1" Camlock connections
  • PTFE elastomers


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