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Green Fingered Flotronic Helps In The Garden

Flotronic Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps have been working, without servicing for over three years at The Scotts Company Limited on their weed killer station.

500 Series Polypropylene Pumps

Scotts of Goole, Humberside manufacture a range of lawn and garden care products including the famous Miracle-Gro, the leading plant fertilizer. With its headquarters in Ohio USA, Scotts is the worlds leading supplier and marketer of consumer products for do-it-yourself garden care products.

Brands include Roundup, Weedol, Pathclear and the Levington range.

At their Goole factory three 500 Series Polypropylene Pumps from FPL are used to transfer chemicals from 45 gallon drums into the top of the mixing vessels.

Chemicals include Mephatol Extra, Verdone and Dicamba concentrates with viscosities up to 100 cp. They are sucked from the drums with a 1 metre lift and transferred to the tanks with a head of 3 metres.

The pumps have PTFE diaphragms and elastomers with the pump bodies machined from solid blocks of plastic offering a robust and safe design.

"They have been totally reliable with no servicing necessary since they were installed three years ago" comments Barry Gouldthorpe – Maintenance Team Leader. "We like the design of the One-Nut concept, so that when we do need to overhaul them it will be so quick and simple!".


  • Mephatol Extra, Verdone & Dicamba
  • Temp. Ambient
  • 1 Metre suction lift
  • Viscosity 100 cp


  • 1" 500 Series Polypropylene
  • PTFE elastomers
  • DIN 16 Flanges


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