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Flotronic Pumps Help Protect The Environment

When Sutton & Son(St Helens) Ltd were looking for a mobile pump to fit on their Emergency Response Units, following a successful trial, they settled on the Chemflo all PTFE Double Diaphragm pump from Flotronic Pumps Limited.

Sutton & Son (St Helens) Ltd, part of the Suttons privately owned transport group based at Widnes Cheshire, has a fleet of over 500 road tankers with depots throughout the country.

Two FPL Chemflo PTFE Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are based at their Widnes and Stavely depots and form part of the emergency equipment fitted to the Emergency Response Units (ERU).

PTFE ‘K’ series Chemflo Pump

A further five pumps are situated at Glasgow, Carlisle, Billingham, Immingham and Avonmouth and are fitted to fast response units which are trailer mounted.

Should one of their road tankers have a problem then these ERUs swing into action and attend the incident, working closely with the other emergency services.

The pumps handle a wide range of hazardous and corrosive chemicals and need to transfer them fast! To date the pumps have been used to transfer caustic, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid (36%), solvents, diesel oil, aniline and many other flammable liquids.

They can empty a 30,000-litre tanker in less than 2 hours!

The 3" all PTFE Chemflo pumps are part of a comprehensive range of unique 'One-Nut' fast maintenance pumps, thus enabling diaphragm changes in less than 10 minutes. To ensure inherent safety in hazardous applications, the Chemflo pump is constructed from solid virgin PTFE housed inside an outer metal containment vessel, of Carbon or Stainless Steel.

Safety is an added advantage of the Chemflo pump. Unlike traditional configurations, liquid is passed on the inside of the pump with pressure on the outside.

Commenting, Alwyn Christmas – Suttons Group Health & Safety Manager said, "The Flotronic pumps have been reliable and very easy to use, which is of key importance in an emergency situation".


  • Various chemicals – includes 36% hydrochloric acid
  • 15,000 litres/hr flowrate


  • 3" All PTFE ‘K’ series Chemflo
  • 150 lb ANSI flanged conns.


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