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Seeing Double with Flotronic!

When Raflatac needed to increase their flow of adhesive they turned to their supplier of Air Operated Double Diaphragm pumps, Flotronic who were able to offer their Duplex System.

500 Series Pumps

When higher flowrates are needed that are outside of the normal pump capacities, then Flotronic can mount two pumps together with a common inlet and outlet, which work out of phase to give a smoother flow.

For over six years "One Nut" fast maintenance pumps from FPL have been working successfully at Raflatac’s Scarborough plant, replacing the old style diaphragm pumps which suffered from continuous leaks, particularly around the clamp bands.

The pumps are used to transfer the water based adhesive from bulk storage vessels into the mixing farm, where further ingredients are added to alter the adhesive properties to cater for different applications.

A flowrate of 900 litres/min is required and the adhesive has a viscosity of between 500 - 1,000 cp at ambient temperature. The pumps have a flooded suction and discharge the media 3 metres vertical and over a 10 metre distance.

"We switched to Flotronic over five years ago" comments Dave Morgan – Maintenance Manager, "because they are so maintenance friendly. In fact pump failures are very rare, but should they occur, then the "One Nut" feature is such a benefit, not like our previous old style pumps which could take hours to strip!".

The picture shown illustrates a 3" duplex assembly recently supplied as a batch of 2 off, complimenting the other 20+ Flotronic pumps already in use by Raflatac.


  • Water based adhesive
  • 900 l/min flowrate
  • Viscosity 500 – 1,000 cp
  • Flooded suction
  • Discharge 3 M vert. 10 M horizontally


  • 500 Series Polyprops
  • 3" Flanged
  • PTFE Elastomers
  • Duplex System


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