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Flotronic Pumps, a key component for MMG-Neosid

A leading manufacturer of soft ferrite and permanent magnet components since 1936, relies upon Double Diaphragm pumps from FPL to transfer a range of slurries.

MMG-Neosid supply magnetic components to a diverse international customer base including automotive, telecommunications, televisions, computer and aerospace. Products include manganese-zinc and nickel-zinc ferrite components, thermoset/thermoplastic formers, bobbins and clips.

The 300 series pumps from Flotronic replaced the traditional 'figure of eight' style of double diaphragm pump with the large number of nuts and bolts/clamp bands to be removed which "were OK until they went wrong" said Derek Carter – Engineering Manager. "The 'One-Nut' principle of quick maintenance, allowing the diaphragms to be changed in less than 20 minutes, made my life so much easier as they are so simple and quick to maintain".

300 Series Pump

Among the products handled by the Flotronic pumps is an iron-oxide, zinc and magnesium slurry containing a PVA binder, which is transferred from settling tanks to the spray dryers which is crucial to their production process.

Other duties include transferring coolant water from their grinding section and a trolley mounted pump for mobile duties. To handle the various duties, MMG-Neosid now have a number of 1", 11/2" and 2" 300 Series Aluminium pumps, with Nitrile elastomers and flow-rates from 30 – 65 ukgpm.

"Another key factor in the choice of Flotronic Pumps", added Derek, "is the reduced number of parts that go to make up the FPL pumps". Many parts used are the same for a range of pump sizes, thus reducing spares holding, resulting in cost savings.


  • Media pumped includes iron-oxide slurry, zinc & magnesium slurry and coolant waterFlowrates up to 150 gpm
  • Flowrates from 30 - 65 gpmViscosity to 200 Poise
  • Temperature ambient


  • Sizes 1", 1½" & 2" Lo Flo
  • 300 series Aluminium with Nitrile trim
  • CSG
  • Up to 11 pumps


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